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My Story

Hi everyone, I'm Olympia the founder of Say More Online.

Experienced in online and digital marketing, I work with businesses to reach more customers by maximising the marketing platforms that their exact target audience can be found on.​

I have been working in online marketing for 12 years and since having my son I've taken on freelance marketing projects with a number of local businesses, which has enabled me to launch my own online marketing agency. 


I quickly came to learn that more small business owners are now looking for new ways to position their business online since they have recently discovered the many different ways of speaking to new audiences that are looking to be inspired and get ideas on products and services that they are delivering.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that we can emerge ourselves into new projects and areas of our businesses very quickly in order to adapt to what our customers need.

I'm here to help you build consistency in your online presence so that your business can continue to deliver quality content to your audience.

I love supporting local, small businesses and business owners with their online marketing strategy so that they can focus on the areas of business that matter to them.


The strategies I implement are to meet my client's business end goals. The key to our success starts with a discovery call.


Get in touch to discuss how we can grow your marketing.  

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