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If you want a fail-proof system to finally set up your Pinterest profile for your business, then you are at the right place!


A 3 day challenge on how to set up your Pinterest profile to attract new customers

No more guessing, a straight-forward process on what to do.

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Imagine having a social media strategy that works for you when you're not working

You're an amazing DIYer and you produce lots of fabulous crafts and furniture with photography and videos that are getting so much love online!


But you can't keep up with the constant need of 'showing up' on social media on top of running your business.


And you still haven't got the hang of trending audios and how to find them let alone create a trending Reel quick enough for it to go viral!

Some days you may think it's easier just to not post on social media, sacrificing the opportunity for potential customers to find your amazing services and products.

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If only there was a way to post your content online knowing it will be found again and again by your ideal customer

months and even weeks after it's been posted!

so that you have more freedom to focus on the areas of your life that matter the most!

and so you can know it's being found by your ideal customer (and not just others in your community!)

If you're nodding along to any of this then you're in the perfect place because Pinterest allows you to do all of that!

And I have a step-by-step plan that's going to get your Pinterest profile set up for succcess.

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I have a question for you

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Are you fed up of seeing Pinterest on your to-do list?


I can help you!

Get your business on Pinterest in just 3 days

In this 3 day challenge, I take you through exactly what Pinterest is and the benefits that it has to you and your business.


Together we will set you up for an account that’s completely optimised with an understanding on a Pinning strategy that’s going to get you results.


And, I’m going to share my best tips, tricks and tools on what you need to do to share your business through Pinterest Pins, videos and Idea Pins in a way that’s going to get you seen by your ideal customer.

This course will be great for you if you are looking to understand exactly what it is that Pinterest does and how it works - let's bring it back to basics!.


I'll be teaching you how to use Pinterest in a way that meets best practices and breaking down the different ways to Pin on desktop and mobile so that you have a full understanding of what an Idea Pin, video Pin and static Pin is so that you'll never be confused about Pinning again!

Plus you'll learn about the all important 'keywords' that makes up a big part of a strong Pinterest strategy.

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Hi, I'm Olympia. I'm a marketing manager of 11 years and I help businesses grow their brand online using Pinterest, Google SEO and Instagram marketing.

Sign me up!

No more guessing, a straight-forward challenge on what to do on Pinterest

Pinterest can do so much for your DIY and e-commerce business! You will learn how to recieve...

more views on your video content

more people finding your products

more visits to your website

more subscribers to your lead magnet


more sales


10am EST start

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What's inside the 3 day challenge?


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One of the first things I get asked is, how does Pinterest even work?


It’s a fair question! Because Pinterest doesn’t work like your standard social media site.


I take you through how users are using it to consume ideas and inspiration, and how businesses are using it to share those ideas! Still don’t know the difference between an Idea Pin and a static Pin?


Let's deep dive into the different Pin types so you won’t ever be confused again.


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Together we make sure that your Pinterest profile is set up for a business account, while we optimise your account in the right areas.


We’re also going to dive into what keywords are and the important places which you need to apply your keywords to ensure your profile will be found by the right people.


You will come out of this module with a completed Pinterest business account plus the knowledge on how to conduct keyword research. And if your an e-commerce business you'll learn how to connect your shop catalog.

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This is where I give you all my top tips that I have tried and tested before so that you can hit the ground running with your Pinterest marketing.


You will learn my proven Pinterest strategy that will get you results, and because I want you to succeed, you will come away with the tools that you need to be able to take ownership of your account.


What I will share with you is; a keyword bank; my recommended scheduling tool; a good understanding of how often you should Pin; and tips for how to create Pin graphics, titles and descriptions that will stand out!

Are you ready to get more customers in 2023?

This is your chance to finally get your business on a platform where people are currently making searches for the things that you do

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What others have said...

Thank you for a great session this morning. To my mind training should be both informative and interesting and leave the attendee with food for thought and fresh ideas. This morning achieved all of the above.

Colin Lock, ThreeR Consulting

  • Who is the 3 day Pinterest challenge for?
    This challenge is for DIYers and e-commerce businesses that have not yet set up a Pinterest profile, or have set up a profile and are unsure on how to use it. Furniture painters, crafters, DIYers are all welcome if you are a service provier, a content creator or own an e-commerce shop. If there's a social media manager on your team that you'd like to outsource the role to, they too can join the course!
  • What happens when I book onto the challenge?
    You will recieve a confirmation email with your booking details. Closer to the course I will provide you with the login details so that you can have access to the online calls, plus any documentation you need to complete the challenge.
  • Do I get lifetime access?
    Yes that's right. All the live recordings will be made available after so that you can refer to it whenever you need. If you can't make the dates or times then that's not a problem as you'll be invited to a private Facebook group where I will be on-hand to answer any of your questions.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, I offer a 50% refund on tickets, or you can transfer your ticket to another name.
  • How much time will it take me to complete this course
    It will take 1 hour to discuss each daily module. I then recommend you leave 30 minutes aside each day to carry out your tasks.
  • Can I carry out this challenge if I'm new and don't have a website?
    We welcome all types of business owners, but we do recommend that you have a business website to get the most of your Pinterest profile. If building a website is next on your to-do list, then you're still welcome to create your Pinterest profile - you can just connect it to your website afterwards!
  • How will the challenge work?
    Each day we will meet and discuss the module topics. I will provide you with a list of things that you will need to do to get your page set up. You can either carry out the to-do list while we discussing the areas on the call, or you can spend 30 minutes afterwards checking off your items!
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In order to get you over that finish line in setting up a perfect Pinterest profile for your business, I will give you all of my best kept secrets in how to grow your page and I'll be on hand during the challenge in our private Facebook group with any of your questions!


OK I get it… you don’t have the time. But what if I told you that each challenge will take around 1 hour per day!


And don't worry if you miss any of the sessions or are in need of a re-cap. You will have full time access of the recordings

3 Day Pinterest Challenge by Olympia Nolan at Say More Online

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