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Need some help setting up a Pinterest profile?

I have a 5 step guide and tick list to help you!

What you will get...

A PDF tick list with all of the things you need to do when setting up a Pinterest Business account!

You can find my 5 step process in how to set up a Pinterest account - with examples to guide you through the process.

And a handy tick list so that you can track your progress.

Submit your details to access the document

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Hi, I'm Olympia.

Pinterest Expert and Social Media Marketer with over 11 years in online marketing.


I love supporting small businesses and business owners with their online marketing to help free up their time so that they can focus on the other areas of business that matter to them the most.


The strategies I implement are to meet my client's business end goals. The key to our success starts with a discovery call.


Get in touch to discuss how we can grow your marketing.  

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