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$19k in Pinterest revenue, I couldn't believe it!

It was December 2022 when I discovered that in the 11 months I've been working on a client's Pinterest account, they've brought in $18,817 from Pinterest alone!

And since sharing a snippet of this to my Instagram story, I've been asked by so many of you about how this was done! It's one of my favourite questions

I'm VERY committed to keeping up with the latest practices when it comes to Pinterest and sharing these best practices with my clients.

And I'd like to invite you to unfold these with me!

✨ My 3 Day Pinterest Challenge is your chance to finally get your business on Pinterest.

Ok here's the tea...

My client is an e-commerce businesses and they have their product catalog connected. Every month they will schedule Pins and idea Pins.

Each and every Pin we schedule has its own URL, which means you have the opportunity to drive lots of traffic to a place of your choice.

My client chose to link to their products, blogs and YouTube channel.

Of course, everything we done included the right Pinning strategy (i.e. Pinning frequency, Pin graphics, and keyword optimisation - which I'm ready to share with you!)

Here's a little snippet of their numbers...

And let's not forget the all important traffic numbers... 271,233 website hits in 11 months

So, are you up for the challenge?

In this 3 Day Pinterest Challenge, I take you through exactly what Pinterest is and the benefits that it has to you and your business.

Together we will set you up for an account that’s completely optimised with a strategy that’s going to get you results.

And I’m going to share my best tips, tricks and tools on what you need to do to share your business through Pinterest Pins, videos and Idea Pins in a way that’s going to get you seen by your ideal customer.

The 3 days will look like this

➡️ Day 1 - a deep dive into how Pinterest works

➡️ Day 2 - let's set up your Pinterest profile

➡️ Day 3 - the tools you need to maintain a healthy pinning strategy

... dates TBC

(with lifetime access to the recordings)

Let's finally get your business on Pinterest shall we?


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