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2 hacks for writing product descriptions

Updated: May 12, 2023

I already know that you've heard of Chat GPT before! It seems to be everywhere at the moment! So rather than this being another confusing blog on what it’s about I wanted to do a really simple explanation on… 1. How you can access it 2. How it can help your business I only just created myself an account last week, but I have to admit since doing that I’ve been applying it to all areas of my online marketing. So far, it’s been a total TIME SAVER when it comes to: - Writing my Pin titles (I usually do around 30 per day!) - Writing my Pin descriptions - Forming a first draft on my clients' website blogs … but here’s the thing. I know a lot of you struggle to write PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS, am I right?! So I thought I’d have a play around to see if it’s something that can help with that too. And this is what I found...


First of all, all you have to do is create an account on this page here: try and create an account in the morning when the usage isn’t high for best results!


Ready for the tea? You can ask Chat GPT these two things which I think is really going to help you out when creating product descriptions (the second tip is very cheeky!)

  1. “Write me a product description about an MCM chest of drawers. Make it sound appealing and a strong CTA. Make it 400 characters”

So then I asked them to add in some dimensions and I was happy with how this sounds... here's what happened.

Then all you have to do is copy the description and paste it straight onto your listing! Here's the second thing:

2. I know a lot of you are stockists of popular product ranges...

The problem with this is that when you stock the same products as your competitor, you’re almost likely to be using the same product descriptions as them. Now you may be wondering why this is a problem. But I’m afraid to say that according to Google’s ranking terms, this can be stopping your website being found by customers

this means that you really want to be displaying unique pages on your website and unique product descriptions so that the Google algorithm can pick your website out from others. Here’s how I urge you to fix it... (It's a little bit cheeky!) Let's say for the sake of this example you stock this Oliver Bonas beach bag and you want a unique product description for your website, here's how you can use Chat GPT to create one...

It's as simple as that! Again, you can ask Chat GPT to apply a particular word count, or you can ask it to include important details like dimensions... but here you have a compelling new description for your products in under 1 minute! Which means you can quickly apply it to multiple products if you have a large inventory. So how do they sound, will you give Chat GPT a try for your product descriptions?! If so, always proof read the work. AI is a great tool, but only as assistance and you’ll always have to have the final say. Rest assured, computers aren’t taking over… yet! All the best, Olympia x P.s. this blog was written by a human!



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