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Mistakes I’m seeing on Pinterest

It's 2023, and I'm still shocked to see these mistakes being made.

Pinterest has seen a lot of changes and if you’re not keeping up with marketing best practices, then sadly your account is going to suffer from it - at worse be flagged as spam 🙅🏻‍♀️

The reason I say this is because a lot of marketers are using old hat Pinterest strategies, that worked WONDERS at one point… but can actually harm your page now.

Pinterest still has the same potential as always to get you in front of hot leads that are currently searching for the things that your business offers

But the way that you deliver your content is in a slightly different (but BETTER!) format and structure.

Make sure you do these four things to keep up with best practices

1. Refer back to your keyword research and make sure to optimise your profile with these keywords. This includes your profile name, bio, board names and board descriptions.

2. Make use of Idea Pins - idea Pins are no longer the new feature on Pinterest which is why shocked to see them not being used! You’ll see good growth if you use Idea Pins daily.

3. Are you still Pinning 20 pins a day? This is no longer needed, as we’re required to provide more fresh content and re-pin less third party content.

4. Are sharing your Pins to multiple boards? If so, be careful to spread out these pins to each board for at-least 14 days in between! That way your account won’t be flagged as spam.

Make these 4 changes to your Pinning strategy and you’ll start seeing results


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