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This is why you need to repurpose your content!

Repurposing content can mean a lot of things... 💡 It can mean taking a short-form video and sharing it across other social platform 💡 It can be taking a website blog post and sharing it as a social media post (on Facebook or LinkedIn) 💡 Or it can look like taking your YouTube manuscript and turning that into a blog post or email alert. With a good system in place, you can really get the most out of one content idea. Especially if it’s highly valuable to your audience, then you want to make sure that it’s heard! And even more so rewarding if that video/ blog post/ email alert of yours took hours to make! It’s something that I’ve been doing for years for my clients (repurposing their content is not only cost affective for them, but makes my life a whole lot easier!)… but more recently I’ve noticed the benefits on my own marketing Below are some stats on the same video that’s been shared across 3 separate platforms (totalling a reach of over 17k!)

And guess what platform got the best video reach?!


Indeed it was Pinterest! 📌 Despite this video only being shared a week ago compared to the other two.


As Pinterest has a longer shelf life than the other platforms, I can expect this particular video to continually grow its reach (months after maybe years) whereas the video would probably die on TikTok and Instagram, which have a shelf life of up to 48hours.


It really is a smart way of sharing ideas so that you can save time while increasing your brand awareness.


So, my question to you would be…

1. Are you repurposing your content?

2. Are you utilising the power of Pinterest too?

If the answer is no, then you're not alone... a lot of us are too busy doing our day-to-day jobs that we forget to prioritise our marketing.

In fact, all of my Pinterest clients ask me to repurpose their Instagram Reels to Pinterest as it's the most cost effective work-flow for us all. Rather than spending more budget on creating videos specifically for Pinterest, we're using the 100s of videos that they've already produced... to reach more potential customers!

So are you convinced?! If you have any questions on this matter please head over to this post on my Instagram page and let me know there. Not only does it kindly help with my engagement, but it allows us to stay connected and for me to provide you with more valuable insights like this!


If your Pinterest marketing is something that you don't want to leave off the to-do list for any longer, then join me on the 3 Day Pinterest Challenge 2023, more details coming soon! Make sure to stay on my mailing list for updates.


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