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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Many business owners are hesitant to use Pinterest, but you don't have to be! There are

countless positive reasons to use this social media network for your business, but we have

compiled six of the most important ones.

What's the point of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fantastic prospect for businesses for a variety of reasons. It can assist you in

introducing your company and blog to a new audience. One pin might lead to 10 more, and

so on.

The advantages of utilising Pinterest

  • Enhanced awareness.

  • Increased blog traffic.

  • Brand-new leads.

  • Sales have increased.

Here are some of the most typical Pinterest misconceptions:

  • Women are the only people who use Pinterest (females still make up the majority of the audience, though).

  • People only pin images of food and weddings (travel, clothing, home decor are big too).

  • I don't have time for another social network because my target demographic isn't on Pinterest (with a good content system in place, you can repurpose the content that you already own)

Or have you thought about outsourcing? My client with over 300k Instagram followers found that she was able to blow up her Instagram account to 1m views in 3 months just by repurposing her IG posts and Reels - get in touch if you want to know more.

You'll likely be surprised to learn:

  • Pinterest is one of the world's most popular internet traffic generators.

  • Pinterest is popular among people of all ages.

  • Pinterest was widely regarded as one of the fastest-growing websites in history in 2012.

  • Pinterest is 80 per cent more viral than Twitter and three times more successful at generating leads.

So, regardless matter what sort of business you have, here are the top 6 reasons you should start using Pinterest for yours!

1) People are currently searching for the things that you do!

Pinterest is a search engine! Which means your content and ideas are being delivered to them at the exact moment of interest - a massive advantage over other social media sites.

This is why your Pins will be found again and again after you've posted it and is known to have a lifespan of 6 months - 1 year (meaning that you can go on holiday and know your Pinterest is still working for you when you're not working) P.s. did you know Instagram posts have a life span of 48 hours?

Pinterest makes it easy for users to go right to the source by reducing the number of stages

between discovery and conversion. Pinterest visitors are more likely to convert into leads or

sales than visitors from other social media platforms. Pinterest, you've done a fantastic job!

It's helpful to think about Pinterest as a large, visual search engine from time to time. People

frequently use it throughout the research phase of their planning. They also look for ideas on Pinterest. We are quite sure we've all attempted at least one Pinterest recipe...

2) Pinterest generates traffic (and lots of it)

Pinterest is an amazing strategy for increasing backlinks to your website, which leads to more traffic. It is more effective than any other social media source at driving traffic back to a website (Many thanks, rich pins!).

This increase in traffic is due to useful content. Your audience will be more inclined to click on your links if you create and share material that they enjoy - always remember to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and INSPIRE.

Quality graphics are the foundation of good Pinterest content. (grab my 5 free Pin templates to save time in creating graphics)

3) The level of user involvement is absurdly high

Pinterest users appear to be fine with simply finding and sharing items by Pinning these to their boards and sharing with other.

This is also beneficial to your business! Why?

Your pins are more likely to become viral because of this which is amazing for brand awareness.

4) Pinterest may be linked to your website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed

Why is this a good thing? Because you can point people to where you have the most interaction with your audience. If you have a strong blog presence, point users there. If you have a strong Instagram presence, direct users there. If you have a high converting landing page, then definitely point users there too!

Pinterest is a great way to enter people into your marketing eco system - you have full control over how this works.

Oh and by the way - you don't just have to choose one. You can utilise all those platforms in your Pinterest strategy.

5) Find out what your target audience enjoys

You can use Pinterest to check what is popular right now, which is one of the most attractive

things you can do with it. Follow everyone who follows you to learn what motivates them - you'll have a front-row seat to their thoughts. Pinterest allows you to see and understand

what's popular right now and then utilise that knowledge to position your offers and items.

Their very hand Pinterest Trends tool gives you great insight into what's popular too.


Don't get stuck for content ideas... download my FREE social media calendar which has 90+ ideas that you can use on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn when posting things like videos, images, tips and so on! All of which will help you connect and deliver value to your audience!


Say More Online are experts in utilising Pinterest to create quality leads for your business.

Want to know more about how Pinterest can skyrocket your sales? Have a look at

our Pinterest packages or schedule a call with us today.


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