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What are Pinterest Keywords?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Now, we know the Top Reasons You Should Use Pinterest, I thought that naturally, the next step would be to show you all about Pinterest keyword research.

So, first things first...if you want to properly promote your business on Pinterest, it's really important that you begin by doing some clear keyword research.

This is because Pinterest is considered a search engine, and the only way we can properly index our accounts and make sure that Pinterest is serving its users with our content is by making sure we're using the SAME keywords that our customers are using.

So let's dive in!

What are Pinterest keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases that users are searching for on Pinterest.

Because you will want your Pins and boards to show up in Pinterest search, you'll need to use keywords to index your Pins. People are more likely to find your material and visit your site or blog if you use well-researched keywords.

Not only will the keywords you use on your Pinterest account be able to match the keywords that are being used by your customers. But they also help the Pinterest algorithm understand how to categorise and offer your material to Pinterest users who are looking for it – even if they aren't following you but are interested in your themes.

That's what makes Pintertest so great! You don't need heaps of followers to see your business posts (unlike other social platforms!!) - you can hit the ground running with a new business profile... just by making sure you have the right keyword research!

You might have heard phrases like "Pinterest keywording," "Pinterest SEO," and "Pinterest trends". When it comes to Pinterest, most of these names refer to the same thing. Pinterest is a search engine (more of a visual one); anything you post should be searchable.

Searchable implies that users can find what they're looking for by typing words (keywords to us marketers) or word strings into the search field. This is really just the same way you would go about a Google search!

It's a less disruptive way of marketing yourself because it means that they're already looking for the things that you do.

How to do Pinterest keyword research

Now we are familiar with what keywords are, how do you carry out this research the right way?

You'll be pleased to know that the Pinterest search bar is the most easy and effective way of discovering what people are looking for. When you start typing in the search bar, a drop down will appear with other search recommendations. Assuming that these keywords are what are being searched for the most, take those terms and the different variations that appear here and save them in a spreadsheet.

Another great place to do research is the Pinterest Ads keyword research tool.

It is super user-friendly, this is all you need to do:

  1. Enter your main search term into the search bar.

  2. See what ideas Pinterest shows you and look at the search volume for each.

  3. You can then save the ideas by clicking the + button ad creating a list.

  4. Once you have gathered your ideas, you can then copy and paste your list and save it into them same spreadsheet for reference.

Pinterest will show you keywords based on relevancy, not just keywords with the same words or variations on the words you entered. This is great because you'll be likely to discover new ideas for creating content!

Something to note: The Pinterest keyword volume will help you discover which keywords are the most popular.

All in all, doing keyword research for Pinterest is as easy as typing in ideas and creating a list of terms.

Where to apply my keywords

So now you have found your keywords, great! We just need to figure out how to use them...

Now is the time to incorporate the keywords into your Pinterest strategy. This is part of Pinterest SEO and can be a little tricky.

Where should you use the keywords on your profile?

  • Your business name

  • Profile bio

  • Board titles and descriptions

  • Pin descriptions

  • Text overlay on your Pin graphics

... pretty much any text opportunity given to you on Pinterest is your chance to include your SEO keywords!

Apply Pinterest SEO is the difference between having OK reach, to having an excellent reach!

Did you know that you can also combine your Pinterest keyword research with regular Google SEO research? I have noticed my client's results boosting after incorporating this little extra!

It's time to incorporate keywords in your next Pinterest Strategy. If you have any questions about Pinterest keywords, I would be more than happy to help, head over to my Instagram with any of your questions.

Oh.... and don't forget to pick up your 5 FREE Pinterest Templates!


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