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Unsure about your Pinterest account?

Are you not getting the same results as before? Conducting a professional Pinterest audit is the first step in getting your social media strategy back on track!

Pinterest is great for gaining lots of impressions, driving high quality website traffic and making lots of useful new connections and sales for your business.

However it can sometimes feel like the things that worked for you months ago are no longer working well for you now!

This is because Pinterest marketing changes from time to time. And if you're not keeping up with those changes your profile may see a dip in numbers.

Keep your stats high! And get an expert audit on your account.


Sign up for an audit where you will get an analysis on your

✅ Pinterest profile

✅ Boards

✅ Keywords

✅ Pinning strategy

... and actionable tips that you can take with you and start implementing straight away!

Price for audit:
Usually £45 - FREE if you submit your interest before 22 September

Submit your interest in a Pinterest Audit

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