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Here's why businesses can't resist using Pinterest

I was hoping these Pinterest facts would give you more insights into the potential of Pinterest...

When you compare the old-school way of marketing against what we have now, we're actually pretty lucky as business owners in 2023!

We have so much more than the modern day marketer.

Things like...

➡️ tonnes of valuable data on our target audience

➡️ insights on who they are and when they're online the most (absolute gold for the modern day business owner)

➡️ and free platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest that allow us to connect with those people.

That beats the traditional way of marketing that used to be magazine adverts/ yellow pages and guessing what channel makes the most sales for you!

Here's just an example of my client's Pinterest stats that show they've made nearly $19k in sales in 11 months...

I mean who needs to search for businesses in the yellow pages any more when we have Google at the click of a button! (And if you're still using the yellow pages then sorry to say I think you have a lot of catching up to do!!)

But did you know, just like Google, Pinterest is also a search engine.

That makes being discovered is so much easier than Instagram, because your content is always going to be found by new users, as apposed to Instagram that mainly speaks to your followers.

And you won't struggle to appear on first page as it doesn't prioritise the big brands like Google does! (Try getting on first page for 'blue chest of drawers' - it's impossible to ever get above Marks and Spencers, Ebay, Dunelm or Ikea!)

I just love how it combines the best bits from social media and the best bits from search engines and it's why business owners love using this profile!

Not to mention a juicy yearly income of around $19k if you play your cards right...

Would you like to learn that too?

Then make this year the year you finally get your Pinterest profile set up! With my support I can help you do that on my 3 Day Pinterest Challenge.


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